About Studio Hartveld

Studio Hartveld was the former business of Sander Hartveld. The company is no longer active.

To translate the vision of a business or organisation perfectly into a multimedia design was a ongoing challenge to me. The good combination of technical professional knowledge and creativity offers limitless opportunities to create the most wonderful products. For several years I am developing myself to the fullest in this dynamic professional area.

The communication and design market is in an ongoing movement, especially because the technological development is rapidly expanding. The design of business presentations or animation and the production of websites or internet applications does not only require technical knowledge, but also creativity. As designer I am not satisfied until the message I want to communicate is expressed in a renewing way in my designs. By learning to manage new programming languages and software and at the same time deepen my current knowlegde, it is my ambition to be a specialist and a generalist at the same time.